meido starbucks

Okaerinasaimase goshujin-sama, ojou-sama! (Welcome home master, milady!)

My name is Naoko.  ^-^

I work as a meido (that’s the Japanese word for maid) at Café Delish.  I say work, but it’s actually volunteer based, but still hard work nonetheless!

Café Delish is a wonderful non-profit charity maid café!  It would be, as we in the biz call it, a mobile café.  This means they get asked to go to certain events (their main event is Anime North in Toronto, the second biggest anime con in Canada!) and set up a café for guests.  The guests pay to visit, but all proceeds at the end are donated to different charities (you can usually find out what charity by checking out their Facebook page)!  Sounds awesome right?

(Most of my pictures of the gorgeous meido and café throughout the blog are personal or borrowed from Café Delish (obviously, I’m a little biased) unless otherwise stated.)

I had grown up knowing what Maid Cafes were, but never really had any intention or inclination to work at one.  The only reason I became a meido is because my friend Hiroko (pictured with me above) convinced me to try it out.  I thought, why not?  And I discovered that I really enjoyed it!  It was fun to put on the costume and assume a persona.  It felt good to give others a unique experience and watch them have fun.  And I’ve always loved performing.

Recent publicity on the first permanent maid café being opened in Toronto has sparked many questions (and rumours!) about what actually goes down at a maid café.  In this blog I will discuss everything you need to know about maid cafés.

I’m here to set the record straight.

If you guys have any requests on a specific topic or a question you want me to do a blog post on, just let me know!  I’m here to answer all the nitty-gritty and awkward questions! Because no, I’m not a fetish sex worker!

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Ja mata ne, Naoko